Kali Miller

2017 Elections

Blog Post created by Kali Miller on Oct 13, 2016

Dear ECI Members,


The nomination period for our 2017 election is now open. All positions are listed below with a short description of responsibilities. If you wish to nominate yourself or a colleague for an open position, please send an email to east.central.illinois.acs@gmail.com by Sunday, October 23rd and include a short (<1000 character) description of the candidate and their qualifications.


Past Chair (1 year term, chair becomes past-chair) - CLOSED

  • Continuing appointment: Kali Miller
  • Head of recruiting committee
  • Awards Coordinator
  • File Annual Report for year in office

Chair (1 year term, chair-elect becomes chair) - CLOSED

  • Continuing appointment: B.K. Sharma
  • Serve as spokesperson for the local section
  • Direct section activities
  • Oversee section governance and executive committee activities
  • Make standing committee appointments

Chair-Elect (1 year term, 3 year commitment) - OPEN

  • ECI Nominee: Austin Cyphersmith
  • Represent the section at the ACS Leadership Institute
  • Serve as Program Chair for planning all section events
  • Host invited speakers
  • Recruit volunteers

Treasurer (1 year term) - OPEN

  • ECI Nominee: Laura Sonnichsen
  • Account for all section money and maintain accurate records
  • Prepare budget report for each executive meeting
  • Request allotment payment from Society and member/affiliate dues collection
  • File IRS forms and annual financial report
  • Write reimbursement checks
  • Oversee yearly funding requests and reports for affiliated groups

Councilor (3 year term, next election in 2018) - CLOSED

  • Continuing appointment: Amy Nicely
  • Represent section at national ACS Council meetings
  • Report actions of Council to section (at meetings, on website, etc.)
  • Approve local section annual report
  • Serve as archivist

Alternate Councilor (3 year term, next election in 2018) - CLOSED

  • Continuing appointment: Ellen Keiter
  • Serve in the absence of the Councilor

Secretary (1 year term) - OPEN

  • ECI Nominee: none
  • Maintain membership lists/records and group emails
  • Correspond with local section membership using Real Magnet
  • Assist chair and councilor to compile the annual report materials

Webmaster (1 year term) - OPEN

  • ECI Nominee: none
  • Manage the section calendar, ACS Network blog, and social media accounts
  • Update website (HTML experience suggested, but not required)
  • Publish newsletter each semester


Thank you for your participation!