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Drew Opland-Evers
Heyo! I'm preparing a growth medium for mold, following the recipe below.   Dissolve the following ingredients, in the order listed, into 500ml of cold tap water: 44.0 grams Lactose Monohydrate, 25.0 grams cornstarch, 3.0 grams sodium nitrate, 0.25 grams magnesium sulfate, 0.50 grams potassium phosphate mono, 2.75 grams glucose monohydrate,

Stephanie Morris
Hi there - I am writing a science activity for elementary students for a STEM camp focusing on the science of slime. The activity involve demonstrating diffusion. I made clear slime with borax and glue, please a small amount in a petri dish and added a drop of food coloring to the center of the dish. The campers will watch and measure the color as
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Nicholas Beaulieu
Hi,   Thank you for you help- we are looking to create a 0.2N solution of sodium hydroxide to use in our food processing business using powdered sodium hydroxide.  We currently purchase the solution pre-made for us, however to save cost we would like to start making this solution ourselves. Preliminary research came up with 4g of powder
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Kelly Moran
Hello fellow Senior Chemists!  I work at GFS Chemicals, managing Customer Service and Sales teams in our Call Center.  We're a small, family-owned chemical manufacturer based in central Ohio.  As a chemist, I provide technical support for our products, discussing subjects like purity, particle size, solubility and concentrations,