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Ika Klei Sheendy Elanga
I accidentally combined bleach with toilet bowl cleaner. The mixture resulted to a yellow green liquid that smelled really bad. I also inhaled it causing me to gasp for air and cough hard. My problem is I mopped the liquid on the floor. Is there a way i can remove this? I have no where to go because I'm onlynstaying in an apartment. Please help

Christine Brennan Schmidt
This is just a poll to see how much time people are spending working remotely. 
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Joseph Sabol
Philadelphia Preview SCHB's program for ACS 259th National Meeting in Philadelphia, March 22-26, 2020, theme: Macromolecular Chemistry: The Second Century, is closing soon! See: Late abstracts can only be submitted at this point by the symposia organizers. If you cannot make a presentation,
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Alexander Aguirre
Hi my name is Alex and I’m currently seeking a chemist located in the Los Angeles area but will work with anyone out of state if they can travel here.  I am trying to create a completely natural cleaning formula that contains an all natural foaming agent for a new product in a fast growing industry. If you are  interested please