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Lily Raines
Translations to Arabic Last updated: 5 July 2018   Either decide as a group who will review what, or volunteer using this document:   Activity Primary Translator Second Reviewer Third Reviewer # 1 # 2 Taghreed Al-Noor # 3 Taghreed Al-Noor # 4 Taghreed Al-Noor # 6 Taghreed Al-Noor # 7 - 8 Taghreed Al-Noor # 9 Taghreed

Irini Terzakis
Hi everyone,    I am looking at the ingredients of silicone sheeting scar gels (expensive!) and did a bit of research on how to bring the price down. Turns out there are silicone-based sex lube gels (cheap!) with the same first ingredient (Dimethicone).  My question: are the scar gels really fundamentally different - or is it all