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Stephanie Wedryk
I recently found out I am pregnant and work in a chemical laboratory as part of my job. I am not in the laboratory for my full work week, maybe about 25-50%. I work for a small company, so we do not have health and safety resources available. Is it safe for me to work in the laboratory? If so, which chemicals should I avoid handling? I have tried

Ulrich Humpal
Hello,   I'm doing a science fair project on which popcorn brand out of Orville Redenbacher's, Act 2, and Hyvee's brand leaves the least kernels when popped for 2 minutes and i wanted to ask a chemists advice, so i came to you.   A: Is there anything I should do to make sure I get the best results?   B: Which brand do you think
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John Garner
One of the problematic features of bacteria in the oral cavity is their tendency to adhere strongly to one another forming surfaces known as ‘biofilm.’ Biofilm is comprised of layers of bacteria all attached to one another that is very difficult to treat or remove. Recently, researchers at The University of Louisville used mPEG-PLGA