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Chris Fontaine
I am trying to purchase accredited primary cal gas but i don't know how to interpret the Scope of calibration provided by the gas provider. I am attaching a picture of the scope (specifically interested in the gas concentration portion and GC & TCD) and a picture of the gas mixtures in question. Thank you so much, it is hard to find accredited

Crista Pack
Hello. I work for an institution with a historical collection. One item in our collection, a Hardens blue star hand grenade fire extinguisher has recently cracked and started leaking its contents...which are now creating a white crust all over the exterior of the bottle. I think early variations of these extinguishers typically contained a
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Mina Anderson
Hello, I made a hair cream that I stored in a round plastic jar at room temperature and a week after making the cream, it swelled up in the jar, and when I opened the jar, it exploded and cream sprayed everywhere. I don’t understand how that happened, and how to not do it again. I was trying to look up the reason online but not sure if I