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John Garner
Berberine is a historical herbal remedy garnering new attention over its capability to reduce cholesterol and provide for improved heart health. Due to its low bioavailability, its uptake and efficacy however can be improved by applying nanotechnology. Recently, researchers at University of Massachusetts Lowell used PLGA-PEG-PLGA (PolyVivo AK072)

Mon San
I know it’s derived from coconut acid and believe the triglycerides are removed but just coming up short. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   I understand cetyl, cetearyl, cetostearyl, and cetyl alcohol 40 are all derived from coconut oil and carry a low comedogenicity. I just really want to be able to explain (and understand!) why
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Hubert Valencia
Density functional theory (DFT) is a powerful technique used in theoretical chemistry (and physics) that unfortunately can be quite difficult to explain.   A short (yet complete) introduction to DFT is given by Klaus Capelle as a very nice, freely accessible, educational material.   It also
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Chad Cooley
I'm looking for advice on how to move from academia to IP or patent law. I've heard from multiple people (who all heard from a friend, who heard from a friend) that some law firms will hire Ph.D. scientists and help pay for law school, but I've never met anyone who has actually done this. I don't think I can quit my job to go to law school without