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Mod 1 - Introduction Career Compass feedback - Balbes 12-14-11

Mod 1 - Introduction Career Compass feedback - Balbes 12-14-11

Career Compass

On page 4, they are supposed to rank order their competencies. But I don't see where they listed their competencies, and the header in the table on that page still says "Values".  Also, the focussing questions at the bottom of that page are exactly the same as for the previous page on values. 

Page 7 - I suspect we need a graphic to illustrate jobs in gov't, and I suspect it's not there because John didn't get the info to create it.

Page 8 - by presenting Entrepreneurship as a 4th career path, on equal footing with the others, are we misleading them?  Only 1-2% of chemists will choose this path, and I hope the slides and leader make clear that while this is an option, it is one that very few people will actually choose.

Page 9, number 2 - are we referring to the paths as "alternatives" or "options"?

Page 11 - Missing a close parenthesis on the last section.  Are they supposed to come up with specific names of people, or types of people (a patent attorney, for example)?  Would having them put a deadline or date on these items help them move forward? 

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