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Mod 1 - Introduction PG feedback - Balbes 12-14-11

Mod 1 - Introduction PG feedback - Balbes 12-14-11

Participant Guide

Page 5 - Is academia really talking about only post-secondary education?  Are we going to mention high school teaching at all, or does that come in as a nontraditional career? 

Page 9 - Personal Strengths

I think they're going to need more help here.  Maybe a group exercise where everyone contributes ideas for one fictional person?  I present this material in the other order - I ask them to think of their most significant accomplishment, then list the skills they used in order to achieve that.  Making it more specific seems to make it easer for the students, and after they do 2 or 3 accomplishments they start to see a pattern in the skills. 

Slide 12 - the sizes of the pie chart are incorrect

Slide 13 - please include an attribution line - which year's salary survey data is this?  Do we need to include gov't?  We probably don't have enough data to include entrepreneurs.

Slide 14 - Trends

De we need to update these?  I'd include employer pickiness - they don't want to train anyone, want people to walk in ready to be productive from day 1. Employers don't want to advertise, are increasing using social media and word of mouth to find employees. 

Slide 15 - I think these need to be updated in light of the recent "anemic" article - for example, petroleum chemistry is way up. 

Slide 17 has a heck of a lot of information.  It may need to be split into 2 - value chain and supporting info? 

Slide 19 - are these ranked in order of importance?

Slide 22 needs the questions answered

Slide 25 - "Tenure Decision" should be a different shape, as well as a different color

Slide 27 - We need to put things in the service boxes, not leave them blank. 

Slides 28, 30, 32 are great!

Slides 29, 31, 33 - do we need to address service?

Slide 46 - do we need to talk about the back door?  Temporary positions that can lead to permanent?

Slides 54,55 - I'm not sure if this is true anymore - I bet LLCs are most common for companies just starting up. Also need to mention partnerships. 

Slide 61 - include taxes in expenses!

Slide 70 -  The questions are not really a networking conversation, they are really you trying to help your partner focus their job search.  Either way is fine, but the description should match the questions.

At the very end, can we have some resources for further reading?  Some web sites or books to send them to if they never get to another ACS workshop. 

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