Mod 4 - Industry PG feedback - Balbes 12-14-11

Mod 4 - Industry PG feedback - Balbes 12-14-11

Industry Participant Guide

If we did values in the Intro module, we might be able to leave the exercise out here if we need the time (but I'd probably still talk about them).

Slide 7 - I suspect they will need some specific examples in order to really "get" this

Slide 11/12 - see comments from Intro section on Trends

Slide 25/26 - is this a job description for the group to talk about, then the one on page 29 is for them to do in small groups? 

Slide 50 -  These 2 are very important.  I'd recommend putting them on separate slides, and adding a couple of examples for each.

Slide 53 - " The purpose of this activity is _to_ identify the elements....."

Slide 67 - I still say the body should also only be 1 paragraph. 

Slide 69 - can we include a sample Research Summary?

Slide 73 - aren't "ACS Careers Jobs Database" and "C&EN" now exactly the same?

Slide 83 - chemicals should be chemical

Slide 85 - why do the directions start with number 5?

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