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Mod 5 - Government PG feedback - Balbes 12-14-11

Mod 5 - Government PG feedback - Balbes 12-14-11

Participant Guide

Slide 5:  WHEN are all these people expected to retire?  Will their positions be filled?

Slide 7/8 -  What is the source for this article?

Slide 9 - I guess you're going fill the scenarios out into paragraphs?

Slide 12 - Subject TO civil service laws... can set their OWN qualification requirements Slide 15 - these numbers look very small to me.  Where did they come from?

Is there a way to find federal agencies in a particular geographic area?

Slide 33 - search publications by agency to get names of scientists?

Slide 38 - leader needs to emphasize that this takes time - up to a year Slide 42 - I may be able to get an example of a federal resume if your sources can't

Do we need to talk about citizenship/visa issues?  That can be a showstopper, so maybe it should be early? 

End with other resources from ACS?

I think you're right, this one is going to be shorter than the others.

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