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ACS Network Migration and Relaunch - December 15

ACS Network Migration and Relaunch - December 15

We have been working hard these last few weeks, preparing for the migration of the ACS Network to a new platform. Our current platform was sold and is no longer being supported. We've experienced numerous issues so we are happy to be moving.  

Moving a community that has evolved over eleven years has been challenging. The functionality on this new platform is somewhat different and we could not just pick up the entire community and move it over.  We have reorganized the content and developed a new look and feel. The new platform is complex and it has taken us time to figure out how to do the things we would like to do. 

So if it seems like you haven't heard much about this, we have tried to put out communications, but truthfully, this project has been extremely challenging, especially as we all work remotely.  We know this won't be perfect, but we know we can work on this after we launch. 

Here is what to expect this week:

  • The ACS Network will go into read-only mode on Monday, December 14 at 6:00 PM EST. After this point, users will be able to read content, but will not be able to change or add any content. If you happen to change anything, it is likely it won't be migrated. 
  • On the morning of Tuesday, December 15  (beginning sometime between 10AM and 12  EST), will not be available for up to a couple of hours while we make and test some final configurations. 
  • Early afternoon (Dec 15) - we expect the new platform to be live and functional.  


I will write some more about how we've rewritten the content and what you can do if you can't find yours. 

As always, we appreciate both your support and patience. We look forward to this next chapter of the ACS Network .