Do you want a private Group? Here's what you need to do

Do you want a private Group? Here's what you need to do

Group hubs are a great tool for collaboration among a select group of people. Group hubs act as a container that holds these various boards:

  • Forums - for discussions
  • Blogs - for newsletter-like articles and announcements
  • Knowledge bases - documents 
  • Ideas - for discussion and preference ranking of ideas
  • Events - to promote events (online and in-person)

In addition, access to the group hub can be set s :

  • Hidden - no one can find the group hub unless they are belong to the group 
  • Private - all users can find the group hub, but cannot see the content unless they have access (from the owner)
  • Open - any user can see the group and its content. They can join the group  

If you are interested in having a group hub, please send your request to

We will need to understand the purpose, a proposed name.  We'll initially make it private until you have had time to set it up.  You may also want to read more about group hub roles and permissions as you designate others to work with you on the content. 


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