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The ACS Network - Major Changes Coming this Fall

The ACS Network - Major Changes Coming this Fall

We are happy to announce that the ACS Network will be getting a major refresh this fall (October 2020).  This refresh will involve migrating to a new underlying platform. With this migration we will see changes both appearance and functionality.  We will be documenting the details of changes via this blog. 

What are some of these changes?

The new platform operates somewhat differently from the current one. With that, some functionality will work differently and some types of content will not be supported. We already know that profile information will change -- we will no longer support a curriculum vitae (CV). Instead, there will be a place to link to your profiles on both LinkedIn and ORCID. In addition, we also know that personal documents will also not be supported.  We will describe these and other differences in more detail in subsequent blog posts and documents. 

How are we preparing? 

The ACS Network team is assessing the content. Current groups and forums will be reorganized to help users find them more easily. Some groups/forums have not been updated in years and may be archived or deleted. We ask if you have a group or forum that needs to be kept active to let the team know. 

What you can do to help

If you own a group or forum, please take a look and see if it has current information, information that needs to be archived, or content that can be deleted. You can send us an email at 

To receive notification about future blog post, follow this blog, or check back every week. 

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