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Welcome to the ACS Network - Basic Guidelines

Welcome to the ACS Network - Basic Guidelines

The ACS Network supports online communication and collaboration among ACS members and others in the chemistry community.  It offers both open and private areas for users to exchange information.  And although we encourage joining, ACS membership is not required to participate.  You will need an ACS ID, however, to create or interact with any content. 

We want the ACS to be a safe place for users to engage in conversations germane to the community. As such we ask all users to abide by the following guidelines: 

  • Treat other users with respect. At ACS, we value Diversity, Equity, Respect and Inclusion and as such, we have codes of conduct for our members. As a participant in this community, we expect all to follow this code of conduct (to be posted)
  • Content is being monitored and inappropriate posts will be removed. These include posts:
    • Which are unsolicited and spam in nature, i.e. solely promoting products that do not have relevance to the community and are not part of a conversation.
    • Which contain vulgar language or imagery, or
    • Which rant or contain other inflammatory language and incite harm to or defamation of others.

ACS reserves the right to remove other content it deems inappropriate or harmful.  Please see our terms and conditions for further guidance.