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What we can and can't do in the new platform

What we can and can't do in the new platform

I hate talking about what we can't do anymore as it sounds like we are taking away functionality away. In reality, what we are doing is exerting a little more control so that the community can be better regulated and directed for growth. 

What does that mean? 

Where discussions and collaboration happen will be a bit more controlled. New users won't be able to set up a group hub immediately. We are looking at that criteria but it may be something for ACS Members and/or users who are more experienced  on the community.  Users will earn rank and badges based on various activities, etc. This is something new for us, so we ask your patience as we sort out how this is best for our community. 

The second piece is that the look and feel is going to be somewhat limited, at least initially.  The ability to create your own overview page will no longer exist. On the other hand, the tools to create templates and such are much more sophisticated on this new platform. These tools will give us a lot of options  to control what pages look like, but this will be done at a template level. As a result, these changes will have to be made by the admins for the community. We have have implemented basic templates that will serve a good portion of the community but will be working to develop some alternatives. It will take time and again, we ask for your patience. 

Here is a screenshot of one of the templates for a group hub, with mocked up content: 



We are open to hearing what your needs are and how we might be able to help. We can't guarantee new templates immediately, but we'll work to help you meet your communication goals. 

Thanks for your patience.