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Agenda for Library Summit - Your Feedback Requested

Agenda for Library Summit - Your Feedback Requested

Hi all,

Please see the library summit agenda below. We look forward to the feedback on the call and here in the commenting space.


Tier-based pricing structures have come under increasing scrutiny over the past several years.  We introduced our tier-based pricing structure in 2008, based on significant discussions with our key stakeholders beginning in 2006. The changed economic climate and many other factors have brought our pricing model back into the spotlight.

The purpose of these summits is to bring engaged librarians together to discuss the key challenges of our shared enterprise.  Both of us seek to bring quality content to faculty, students and researchers within academia, and we both acknowledge the growing challenges of increased scholarly content and cost amid flat or declining serials budgets.

While we intend to set up a framework for discussion, we do NOT want these sessions to be ACS talking at participants. These should be open, thought-provoking sessions providing fruitful discussion by all in the room.


  1. ACS: Overview of ACS Pubs: ACS, our mission, and how we accomplish it
    1. ACS’ publishing mission
    2. History of print-to-digital pricing transition
    3. Objectives that were set for ACS’ Tier-based Pricing
  2. DISCUSSION Librarian Panel: Managing Change 
    1. Composed of librarians attending
    2. How did the print-to-web transition happen at your library?
    3. How has your libraries acquisitions changed?
    4. What has been the growth in your budget?
    5. What is/are your strategy(ies) for managing within limited resources?
    6. How do you determine value?
  3. ACS: Transition to Value-Based Pricing
    1. Details of existing pricing model and transition process and its consequences
    2. Absolute pricing/value and how you get there
  4. DISCUSSION: Tiering and Metrics: What is working?
    1. How do you measure like customers to like customers?
    2. Why did we choose usage?
  5. DISCUSSION: How do you transition/manage change?
    1. Change is required – regardless of the “perfect” solution, a new pricing structure will need to replace the “historic print” structure in which most content is locked
    2. How can change best be managed in an environment of frozen budgets? (Zero-sum game of budgeting)
Previous Community Member

How did the meeting go?  Sorry I couldn't make it.

Sue - we're moving forward on the summits with our first event tomorrow.

Ill post a summary after.