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Data Curation meeting - January 31, 2011

Data Curation meeting - January 31, 2011

ACS CAP – Data Curation Subcommittee meeting – 1/31/1011

Attendees: Carol Hoover and Bob Schwarzwalder (no ACS participants)

  • Agreed the major force behind the need for robust data curation is federal funders’ mandates for data management plans.  For example, all NSF funded proposals now require (for all proposals submitted or due on or after January 18, 2011) a supplementary document describing the Data Management Plan for the proposed research.
  • Needs created by these types of mandates vary from the creation of institutional policies to the need for decisions on how/to what level to support these federal mandates. 
  • Briefly discussed ideas for possible roles for ACS in data curation:

o    Help propel the conversation with discussion on standards.

o    Support information gathering – attend appropriate meetings on the topic, write white paper, participate in existing data curation groups, etc.

o    Amalgamate existing data repositories with a meta-search capability.

o    Grant funding could be available for such data meta-search projects – collaboration amongst societies, libraries, researchers.

  • Solve problem of broken links to existing supplementary data.
  • Permalinks would be essential in a data curation endeavour.  What % of ACS supplementary data links are broken, if any?

  • Data Curation Subcommittee needs clarification on scope from ACS to identify approaches that will be cost effective and mission critical for the society.

  • Will have draft final report available by week of May 23, 2011.
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