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Draft Open Letter - please review and provide feedback

Draft Open Letter - please review and provide feedback

As all of you are aware, the ACS has been roundly criticized of late, most recently over the language and tone with which we responded to a reporter for the Chronicle of Higher Education.  While there is room to discuss and debate the issues raised in earlier blogs and listservs, there is not the environment to have open and productive conversations if there is a lingering sense among ACS Publications' customers that we are unwilling to engage and are dismissive of the library community.

We are planning to release the attached Open Letter in the coming day or two as a way to re-open productive discussion and begin the process of repairing damaged relationships.

I invite you all to read this in advance of it's release, and to provide any thoughts, feedback or guidance which you think may be useful.  We hope to move forward fairly quickly, so please pass on comments either through this post, or directly to Brandon and/or me as quickly as you're able.  Ideally we would hope to post this letter tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you as always for your thoughtful comments and advice.


Steve - the content and tone of the letter seem appropriate.  ACS has likely already considered this, but posting the letter on "blogs and other listservs where logic, balance, and common courtesy are not practiced and observed" would make a point in favor of ACS.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for passing this letter by us before publishing.

This letter complements very well the one Brandon already sent out to the listserv.

This letter is good in seeking cooperation etc but none of the two addresses the change in pricing policy that librarians are peeved about. Maybe this may not be the right time for this, but I believe that this is the route of the animosity that needs to be addressed at sometime also.



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