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Next CAP Meeting - Save the Date - July 11-13

Next CAP Meeting - Save the Date - July 11-13


Apologies for the silent airwaves in the last couple months. Things here in DC have been crazy as usual.

Please mark your calendars for our CAP meeting taking place the days before SLA in Chicago (July 11-13). We anticipate that you'll arrive for a welcome dinner on Wednesday night and we'll have two days of meetings on Thursday July 12 and Friday July 13.

We may not necessarily be meeting in Chicago itself. We're considering some sites outside the city so please wait to book your flights until that's final.

Hope you are all well!



S. Sara Rouhi

Manager, Library Relations | ACS Publications

1155 16th St., NW | Washington | DC 20036

T 202-872-6386 | F 202-872-6005| AIM sararouhi


ACS Chemistry for Life



Has this been finalized and should we go ahead and make our respective travel arrangements?

- Andrew