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Notes from today's CAP Recap: Plans for 2011

Notes from today's CAP Recap: Plans for 2011

Thanks to everyone for attending today's meeting.

Norah and James, please refer to these notes for your team assignments and the deliverables for our June 2011 meeting.

1. Luti presented on her background in librarianship and the current initiatives/challenges in at U Arkansas. Her presentation is currently posted.

2. Feedback from Andrew and Carol on the structure of the Nov 2 was positive.

Bob, James, and Norah, please comment on the structure of the meeting and if there were things that you would have liked to discuss that you felt were left out. It's important to us that both the ACS team and the CAP members feel that these meetings are a useful way to spend time.

3. Communication channel via the ACS Network:
To date this has been the prime communication channel. Andrew asked that we send docs/ppts via email AS WELL as posting to the site. I will do both in future and we can reassess how this is working in June. Are there other others/feedback as to the efficacy of ACS Network as our primary source of communication?

4. Teams for 2011

Based on the Nov 2 Meeting and ACS internal discussion we have selected A. Data Curation B. IT Security and C. Bibliometrics as the three topics we want to begin to tackle in 2011.

What this means:

- Each team will have a team leader and an ACS affiliate

- Each team will deliver a report based on the scope of questions described in the agenda

- The ACS Network will be the vehicle for working on documents, sharing resources, and planning meetings.

- Please copy me on all communications within your working group so I can assist you with logistics as well as stay in the loop

Working groups are:

Data Curation:
Bob Schwarzwalder, Carol Hoover (CAP Lead), Jonathan Morgan (ACS)

•    What forces are propelling the need for robust data curation, and what needs does this create within academic, government, and corporate institutions?
•    Where are the opportunities for ACS or similar organizations to play a constructive role?
•    Are there any organizations, individuals, leaders attempting to play these roles today?

IT Security

James King, Norah Xiao, Brandon Nordin (ACS) --> Norah and James, please decide who will be the lead

•    What are the various industry practices related to authentication, and access monitoring (i.e. download triggers, etc.)? 
•    Can we identify a set of “best practices” to attempt to emulate?
•    What are the forces in the next 2-3 years that could change this “best practices” model?  If there are disruptive forces, where are they likely to lead?
•    What are customer “ideal” expectations of publishers regarding their role in monitoring and alerting when improper access is detected?


Andrew White (CAP Lead), Luti Salisbury, Steve Hansen (ACS)

•    What are the methods used by various libraries to assess the value of their content in 2011? Academic (ARL vs. non-ARL schools), Corporate and Government/Not-for-Profit
- What are the emerging metrics of the future?
•    What tools are available from publishers to monitor and assess metrics? i.e. identify best practices
•    How are metrics used within organizations to make decisions on limited resources, or to justify additional resources?
•    How do you define or discuss relative value?

When planning conference calls/phone meetings, please invite me so I can help you with logistics, note-taking etc.

Prepare to present a completed report and presentation on your topic for our meeting in June 2011. Most likely to take place AROUND the SLA meeting in Philadelphia.

We will probably have another conference all with the whole group in late February/early March.