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Pre-Meeting Homework - Please confirm your assignments

Pre-Meeting Homework - Please confirm your assignments

Dear CAP Members,

Happy November! We're really looking forward to gathering in DC in two weeks.

Some items to please prepare for our Nov 14-15 meetings:

1. Each subcommittee, please review your reports posted in September and note your recommendations. We will be discussing them at length.

2. Carol/Andrew/James - Please create a ONE slide summary of your groups' recommendations for ACS --> DUE TO Library Relations (LR) Tuesday NOV 8

3. Prepare a 10-15 presentation on the 1-3 most exciting developments in the works for your library in 2012. They may or may not be related to topics we've discussed --> DUE TO LR THURSDAY NOV 10

4. Prepare a 10 minute overview of your libraries' strat plans surrounding ebooks acquisition --> see previous posting from last week --> DUE TO LR THURSDAY NOV 10

The agenda is ALMOST complete. Here are the topics we'll be covering:

Whats new/on at your library in 2012?

Data Managenement --> reporting and discussion surrounding ACS Editors Committee on Data Manageent

Discussion of Values/Measures--> ROI, bibliometrics, how ACS measures editorial value etc

ACS Pricing Principles/Emerging Business Models

Web Environment/IT Security/Abuse/Blocking


Institutional Repositories

ACS Post-Cancellation Access

Introduction to ACS Publications Platinum Project

Please direct any questions to me!



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