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Topics for Fall CAP Meeting - Response requested

Topics for Fall CAP Meeting - Response requested

Hello CAP Members!

I hope you're all well and enjoying the end of summer. It's finally seasonable in DC but Autumn is certainly in the a

I wanted to jog everyone's memories back to our November 2010 meeting (Apologies, Sue!) to the topics that side-lined to focus on Security, Data Curation, and Bibliometrics.

1. "Defining opportunities for ACS to support/influence the MEASURE of value in science."

2. Business models and what are the characteristics of good business models

3. Institutional Repositories, opportunities for support and collaboration.

In addition to these topics, what issues, trends, "problems/opportunities" have been arising at your institutions since we last met? For a two-day meeting are these topics enough?

We will also want to recap on final findings of all our subgroups including recommendations to ACS. Based on the September reporting we might want to extend discussions of topics from those groups.

We are still working on dates and locations for the next meeting.

What are peoples' availability for the weeks of

Nov 7

Nov 14

Nov 28

Dec 5



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I think the topics are more than enough for a two-day meeting.

Of the dates listed above, the 7th won't work for me. I thought that we were originally looking at the next meeting occurring prior to the Charleston Conference?


I agree that the three proposed topics would be good and combined with any wrap-up of the past topics would more than fill the time.

Are we tying this to Charleston Conference or not?  I've been asked to speak at it but was only going to do so if it would tie to this meeting.

I agree that it is plenty to discuss with the wrap up.

My preference is for Nov 7, 14, or 21.


Luti Salisbury

University Professor/Librarian

Head, Chemistry and Biochemistry Library

University of Arkansas Libraries

365 N. McIlroy Ave.

Fayetteville, AR 72701-4002

Ph: 479-575-8418

Toll-free: 866-818-8115

I think what you have suggested is certainly enough for a two-day meeting. As to availability, at this point in time all weeks mentioned are ok.



Carol Hoover

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Research Library

Agree with everyone on topics selection for a two-day meeting. And all

weeks are OK for me.


I do not have conflicts for any of the dates listed. There is a CNI meeting in Arlington Dec 12-13; is anyone else in this group looking at attending that meeting? If so, moving the Dec 5th time slot might make sense. Otherwise, all look good. I REALLY like starting on Monday; Tues-Thurs schedules knock out an extra work day for travel.


The week of Nov. 7th would work best for me since I have a family vacation spread over the last two weeks of November. I'm also available around Dec. 12-13 that Bob suggested.