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Update on Librarian Outreach - Charleston

Update on Librarian Outreach - Charleston

Hi all,

We are looking to go to Charleston with a splash of good news and lots of customer meetings. Here's what we're announcing at the meeting:

- COMPLIMENTARY access to the online edition of the ACS Style Guide

- Over 1 million pages of SUPPORTING INFO ADDED to the ACS Legacy Archives

- Authenticated mobile access to ACS Publications from any subscribing library

- 6 month free trial of the C&EN Archives with your early renewal

- ACS Academic Core+ subscription package and other flexible subscription


We are also setting up dinner with a number of Undergrad only institutions as well as meeting with librarians from Canada. We are planning a big push at this meeting to try to foster some goodwill and address in person some of the misinformation propagated online. I will report back next week on what kind of feedback we get.