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All doors are open guys!

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Our group went to US Embassy to discuss funding and scholarship opportunities in to have a meeting with Czech Republic agent. They talked about how we can apply for different scholarships, and do more studies in the Czech Republic. Then it was followed by some talks by professors and researchers from different university and institute. We were informed they are hiring researcher. As day pass, I am realizing the opportunity that I have received to come to the congress is awesome. I would recommend for everybody to give a shot. I would not have known about all this opportunity without coming to the congress. Then we went shopping to the mall which called Palladium (what a coincidence!)

After lunch time we went back to the congress for more talks and poster! I was impressed with researchers works specially the one that is related to my work. Most of speakers and poster presenters are European. Beside all fascinating works that have been done, I am impressed with all gifts they have. I would say almost 90% of them know at least 1 more language beside English and their mother language. How motivate it is!