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Final Day in Prague Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Last day to blog. I woke up later than planned but I made it to the morning plenary lecture anyway.  Then I attended sessions in the organic chemistry and educational chemistry areas, including Steve Meyer’s presentation on the GREET program. In the afternoon there was a workshop for university professors and each team had to discuss different aspects of how to deal with student issues such as turning in late assignments, talking in class, and inattentiveness in class.  It was interesting to hear the different perspectives presented by university professors from many countries.  It seems that similar student issues arise no matter where the location of the school. The last ACS awardee presented today, Kristen Brown.  Due to presentations starting earlier since someone before her was a no show, I only got to hear 2/3 of her presentation, but she did a great job.  She had more questions (4) than any other presentation I attended and she fielded the questions well. 

Several of us went out for lunch at Maestro restaurant in Old Town and then we did some more shopping. We all returned to hear the final plenary lecture by Professor Grubbs and then the closing ceremony.  It was great to see that several research awards for the European Young Chemists were granted to women. 

Then 7 of us went out for dinner and back to the hotel.  This has been a wonderful experience for me – I will have lots of good memories.  Good food, friends, and fun in a beautiful city – Prague!  Thank you to ACS and to Steve Meyers and Madeleine Jacobs for awarding me this wonderful opportunity!!  ACS rocks!!!