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First day of EuChemMS congress

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I woke up this morning in Prague feeling refreshed and ready for the day. So today we all got together for breakfast and had a chance to listen to Madeleine Jacobs, ACS executive director and CEO.  Madeleine is a bright lady who I admire a lot. I would not get tired of listening to her when she speaks. Every single word she said was worth it to listen to, since she knows what she is talking about and it is nice to learn from her experience. I like when she talks about people and how they need to train themselves to get involved with others at work and school.

It seems everything is well organized for us. I feel like we are using every second of our time. I enjoyed attending the different professor talks from all over the world.  Definitely inspiring talks.

Overall I believe it is a good opportunely for everyone to listen to different scientists. I was listening to a talk which was related to my current research. It was given by Dr. Henry Anderson, a professor from University of Oxford. I was pleased to attend and asked a question regarding his research. I spoke with him in person after his talk. I know that I would not get a chance to talk to him since he is far away from America. After his talk, he mentioned that they have a postdoc position available, which is great to know.  So I can give the information to my friends who are living in England and looking for a postdoc related to his work.  Attending this type of congress is wonderful from many perspectives.

I wish the talks were 10 minutes apart from each other, so I could get there in time without losing the first five minutes of the talks.

I believe it is a good time to build our network in Europe since we have this chance to meet European scientists. Who knows, we might end up in Europe either to continue our studies, or get a job.

Later we had the poster session; I had some good conversations with scientists about either my work or their experiences. I also walked around the area and talked to other students and got some ideas about European research.