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How to get ready for a new job?

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The plenary talk by Roger Tsien, 2008 Nobel Prize winner, was fantastic. I liked the way he involved us with his work. He talked about different research that was done by his group and collaborators, and it was totally easy to follow without getting bored. He is so passionate about his work, and this makes me more eager to listen. I have listened to fabrication of nanowires and its properties. I have attended mostly to the nanochemistry and super molecular lectures which are more related to my current research. Darci one of the ACS travel winner gave a talk which was great. She presented their work very well.

During lunch the employee from Evonik and EYNC talked to us about how to get ready to get a job and they look over at our resume. Linkedin is strongly suggested to connect you to opportunities. It was interesting to know the difference between American and European curriculum style. I have heard good tips regarding to the job interview. Evonik ( is hiring more researchers now, ANYONE? They have more than 20 different location in North America which I have not heard anything about the company.