Postcard from Prague

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The first couple of days in Prague were a whirlwind. It was mostly a jetlag blur of meeting lots of people, getting acquainted with the public transportation and trying to take in the breathtaking beauty of Prague. After a few days in Prague, I am started to get a feel for the city. I can see why so many people told me it is their favorite European city. The buildings are spectacular and each one is different from the next. At any moment walking down the street, you can come across a large cathedral with stain glass windows, a building with ornate carvings and gargoyles, or a beautiful statue in the middle of a cobblestone roundabout. There is really no opportunity to put the camera back in the case.

I think another reason people love Prague is the laid-back vibe of the city. Even on the public transportation during commuter hours, no one is pushy and no one seems in a huge hurry. From my limited interactions and observations thus far, my feeling is that there is an underlying kindness beneath a ‘just going about my business’ sort of attitude. This comes from the smiling graduate student at the poster session, the young man on the bus who got off to help an older woman, and the strangers who have stopped and helped us without a hint of agitation. I defiantly hope to spend more time in Prague and to see the rest of the Czech Republic in the future.

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