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Professor Tsien Plenary, Curriculum Clinic, Boat Trip Wed., August 29, 2012

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The day began with the plenary lecture by Roger Tsien, 2008 Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of the green fluorescent protein.  This was a phenomenal lecture and a lot of work toward imaging has been done to make cancer surgeries more successful.  Then I heard some educational lectures involving the teaching of chemistry, and some lectures in the life science and analytical chemistry areas, along with a talk about the challenges for green chemistry.  Darci Trader’s talk followed, and she did a phenomenal job – she is a very polished speaker.  During lunch the employees from Evonik and EYCN helped us with a curriculum clinic with tips on job applications, using social network sites to search for jobs, and reviewing our CVs.  I learned a more proper method to organizing my education and work history.  I will revise my CV and email it to one of the EYCN people who said he would critique it again.

We also met up with Madeleine Jacobs again for a 5pm cocktail at the Corinthia hotel.  She took our group picture on the bridge between the Congress Hotel and Corinthia Hotel and put it on Twitter.  I will now have to log onto Twitter so I can see the photo.  She is always interesting to talk to and takes a genuine interest in the ACS members, which is really nice. 

During the evening we took a boat trip along the river and had dinner on the boat.  The food was wonderful and it was fun socializing with the EYCN chemists and the chemists from the Colorado group. I took a lot of people photos on the boat. 

Later several of us went dancing at a club with an ice bar – I did not go to the ice bar but did a lot of dancing with the group.  Some of the music is the same as they play back in Illinois at the places where I go dancing with friends.  But this place had a smaller dance floor and was more crowded than I am used to.  Some of the EYCN guys are great dancers! 

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