Research in Central Europe Anyone?

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A very exciting aspect of this experience in Prague organized by the ACS is the focus on professional development. Today we went to the US Embassy here in Prague to learn about funding opportunities in the Czech Republic and all of Europe. The format and information of this event was even better than I had anticipated. In a small room in the American Center next to the Embassy, we were given talks by and exclusive access to representatives from the Fulbright, the Marie Curie awards, Czech University PIs, and a local Czech fellowship. As I am seriously considering Europe as my what comes next, I found it extremely useful and encouraging. However, I had not given much thought into the Czech Republic for a postdoc. Hearing about the amount of investment being put into scientific research in Brno has caused me to take notice. For me, it is not only about the new lab facilities or the fellowship opportunities. The level of commitment to building a strong, interdisciplinary, sustainable research program and the apparent excitement by the active participants is fthe most intriguing.