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Welcome to Prague

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DSCN0056.JPGFinally I arrived in Prague on Saturday afternoon, a beautiful day to get off the airplane, and faced with a gorgeous city as I heard and read about it.  Yesterday I had dinner with Steve, other people from ACS, and students. We had a good time, listening to the live music which was performed by middle aged guys who were playing the accordion.  It was my pleasure to meet all the ACS winners; absolutely all are smart and studying at a good ranking school.  The food was good; we were treated with a welcome drink, followed by beer, which was amazing to me.  Totally different culture, No Water! Ok If you are thirsty you have to ask guys to bring water!

It was a good opportunity to meet people that you like to talk to.

It helped that we had a short distance from metro station and bus stop. We had an awesome walking tour from 8 o’clock in the morning, so the experience in Europe is about to start. I was afraid a little bit that I might get lost! However I felt more comfortable after walking through the city, and seeing all the tourists around.  I have realized that Prague is a historical place and there is a lot to see. Hopefully we get a chance to see more as the days pass. I took tons of pictures and cannot wait to upload some and get my friend’s comments.

After the tour we went to a fancy restaurant which is called Mlynec.  We were not able to use the GPS, but we had something better than GPS. Darci is the person who was in charge to direct us to the restaurant and back to the hotel. We made it without any difficulty, seems our GPS works awesome.