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Community Manager

Laboratory Coordinator Opening - Iowa State University 

The Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering (CBE) at Iowa State University is seeking applicants for a Laboratory Coordinator (Laboratory Supervisor II). This position is responsible for departmental laboratory operations including equipment maintenance, user supervision and training, safety inspections, repairs, training of graduate teaching assistants, and general laboratory operations. Additional responsibilities include providing training to faculty, staff, and students on proper safety procedures with lab equipment and to serve on the department’s safety committee.

The Laboratory Supervisor will be expected to design and test lab protocols and revise safety manuals as necessary; provide technical support for the design, fabrication, and assembly of special devices for student projects; and repair the equipment used in assigned labs. This position will demonstrate expertise with the operation of complex experimental equipment and possess knowledge of lab safety standards, have knowledge of manufacturing equipment and processes, and have a thorough an understanding of content area and the ability to monitor and maintain accurate records.

The College of Engineering is committed to sustaining a positive and productive environment for each individual and for the collective benefit of all. The successful candidate will have effective management and organizational skills, the ability to work well with a diverse population both within the university and with outside groups, the ability to work as part of a team and be self-motivated with the ability to work independently; and the ability to communicate effectively. All staff members are expected to interact collegially and maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior.

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