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Winfred Forrest Coover Lecture

Winfred Forrest Coover Lecture

Winfred Forrest Coover Lecture

Professor W. F. Coover joined the Iowa State University faculty in 1904 and served as professor and chair of chemistry from 1913 to 1944. He was instrumental in raising the profile of the chemistry department at ISU. A lecture in his honor was established in 1948. The lecture is sponsored by the ISU chemistry department and the Ames local section of the ACS and is normally given in the spring.

Previous Coover Lecturers:

 Lecture  Presentation  year  
 Lecturer and seminar title

 Carl F. Cori 


 Robert S. Mulliken


 William S. Johnson 


 Bryce Crawford 


 G. F. Smith 


 Roger Adams 


 Linus Pauling 


 Henry Eyring 


 Gilbert Stork 


 Fritz Lipmann 


 Henry Taube 


 Saul Winstein 


 Peter Debye 


 Henry Gilman 


 G. B. Kistiakowsky 


 S. Ochoa 


 Paul D. Bartlett 


 L. Brewer 


 George S. Hammond 


 W. L. Lipscomb 


 R. S. Nyholm 


 R. Breslow 


 R. Bruce Merrifield 


 Petr Zuman  


 Michael Kasha 


 Jean-Marie Lehn 


 Frank Albert Cotton 


 Christian Anfinsen 


 Ralph Adams 


 Yuan Tseh Lee  


 Harald Schäfer  


 Virgil Boekelheide  


 Jack L. Strominger  


 Fred McLafferty 


 Richard N. Zare 


 Harry B. Gray 


 Satoru Masamune 


 Daniel Lane  


 Jaromir Ruzicka 


 Gerhard Ertl 


 Stephen Lippard 


 George Olah 


 Stellan Hjerté 


 Wayne Hendrickson 


 D. Herschbach 


 H. Schmidbaur 


 Peter Stang 


 Jacqueline Barton 

 “DNA-Mediated Charge Transport: Chemistry at a Distance” 


 Robin M. Hochstrasser  


 Galen D. Stucky 

 “Multiple Function, Length Scale, and Component Molecular Assembly in Three Dimensions” 


 Nicholas Turro  

 “From Molecular to Supermolecualr Chemistry:  Controlling Covalent Bond Formation with Non-Covalent Interactions” 


 Emily Carter

 “Quantum Mechanical Material Simulations at the Mesoscale:  Physics, Alogrithms, and Applications”

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