Grants & Awards Charter

Regulation III, 8

Standing Committee of the Board


Determine the proper allocation of monies from the AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Petroleum Research Fund (“ACS-PRF”) once the Annual Amount, as defined in the Agreement of Transfer of Trust dated October 25, 2000, has been established by the Committee on Pensions and Investments. The Committee also is authorized to set up an Advisory Board and such other committees as it deems necessary, determine the size of such bodies and terms of appointment thereto, and recommend necessary appointments to the Chair of the Board. The PRF Advisory Board shall consider all proposals for grants in the several ACS-PRF grants programs, with the exception of the funding designated by the Board for the Green Chemistry Institute which shall be handled by the Committee as set forth herein, and recommend for approval by the ACS Board of Directors Committee on Grants and Awards, within the limits of available funds, only those proposals that, in its judgment, fulfill the requirements stated in Paragraph (a) Article SECOND of the Agreement of Transfer of Trust Creating the AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Petroleum Research Fund, dated October 25, 2000. Among all proposals submitted, which are judged to qualify under the terms of said Agreement, the Advisory Board shall recommend for funding those that best meet its criteria for educational and scientific merit. The Advisory Board, either upon request of the Board Committee on Grants and Awards or upon its own initiative, may also consider and make recommendations on policy, eligibility, terms, and conditions for ACS-PRF grants programs. The Committee shall act on behalf of the Board in determining types of grants and in approving standards and conditions thereof. It may authorize specific grants within the amounts made available for such purposes upon recommendation of The Petroleum Research Fund Advisory Board. (3/27/04)

The Committee shall have the responsibility to administer the payment of the ACS-PRF funds authorized by the Board of Directors to the Green Chemistry Institute (GCI) and will, at least annually, review and approve the use of such funds before the funds are paid over to GCI to ensure compliance with the requirements as set forth in the Agreement for the Transfer of Trust dated October 25, 2000, Article SECOND. (12/4/04)

The Committee shall serve in a similar capacity for other projects involving research grants and fellowships, for which the SOCIETY accepts responsibility, by exercising powers and responsibilities like those listed above for the AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Petroleum Research Fund. (3/27/04)

The Committee also shall be responsible for the SOCIETY awards program to recognize accomplishments by persons and organizations within the fields of activity of the SOCIETY. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors on new proposals for SOCIETY awards or award sponsors. (12/04/04)

The Board of Directors delegates to the Committee authority to extend and renew agreements with award sponsors in accordance with established policies; to develop rules and regulations for the SOCIETY awards program; and to revise procedures for the operation of the program as necessary. (12/4/04)

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