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Local Section Activities Charter

Local Section Activities Charter

Standing Committees of the Council

Bylaw III,3, d, (1), (d)


a. studying and making recommendations to the Council concerning SOCIETY policy affecting the interests of Local Sections; (6/6/03)

b. assisting Local Sections in coordinating their efforts with SOCIETY and Division activities; (6/6/03)

c. promoting both formal and informal cooperation and communication of Local Sections with Divisions and other Local Sections; (6/6/03)

d. exploring possibilities of assisting Local Sections in enriching their program of activities; receiving reports on and rating the effectiveness of Local Section activities;

e. receiving, considering, and making recommendations to the Council concerning petitions for chartering new Local Sections and for changes in territory or name;

f. making recommendations to the Council concerning combining or dissolving Local Sections; (6/14/98)

g. studying the needs for financial support of local activities in relation to the SOCIETY’s program and making recommendations to the Council concerning proper allotments for this purpose; (5/27/60)

h. determining the formula for distribution of dues funds allocated to Local Sections as provided elsewhere in these Bylaws and conveying that formula for approval by Council; (6/6/03)

i. acting for the Council in resolving any member’s appeal from adverse action on a request for assignment to a Local Section in accordance with the provisions of these Bylaws. (4/9/75)

j. acting for the Council, in collaboration with the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws, in approving the affiliation of Local Sections with other technical organizations. (11/7/07)

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