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Younger Chemists Charter

Younger Chemists Charter

Other Joint Board-Council Committees

Bylaw III, 3, e, g


The duties of the Younger Chemists Committee shall, inter alia, include

a. To facilitate communication of ideas and attitudes between the governing bodies of the SOCIETY and younger chemists.

b. To advise the governing bodies of the SOCIETY on the positions of younger chemists regarding policies and programs currently before the SOCIETY and those which younger chemists feel should be considered by the SOCIETY.

c. To aid in the providing of information to younger chemists about the profession and practice of chemistry.

d. (1) To organize and operate at national, regional, and local level activities of special interest to younger chemists.

(2) To inform younger chemists of the services and benefits provided by the SOCIETY for its members.

(3) To obtain from younger chemists their evaluations of the SOCIETY and its activities.

e. To inform younger members about the organization of the SOCIETY and to study methods of and make recommendations for the flow of younger members into active work in the SOCIETY.

f. To furnish a focus for the expression of concerns of importance to younger members.

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