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ACV dilution w/ oil for safe Dermal application?

Can apple cider vinegar be diluted with oil rather than water? And if yes what ratio of ACV to oil would be required at minimum to be Considered safe for application to the face? 

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Re: ACV dilution w/ oil for safe Dermal application?

Dear Kay,

Generally, NO.  Vinegar is approximately 3% acetic acid in water, which is immiscible in oils.  There may also be some reaction between the acid and the oil components that could render either or both of them less effective for any dermal application. Also generally, dilution of anything simply mitigates some of the effects, it does not eliminate them.  Thus, I would be very careful of any concentration of acid contact potentially with the eyes - even if the surrounding skin would not be adversely affected.

If something is a potentially harmful compound, care must always be taken when using it at any concentration.  You might prefer to apply the vinegar and oil ointments separately as part of whatever regimen you are following.

Best regards,


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