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Acylic Polymer

Hello, how are you? I am a designer manufacturer of pet products such as collars and toys.  We have a fabric making into cat collars. Unfortunately the fabric fray easy and therefore require to apply fabric glue on the revise side. The name of the glue is liquid Acrylic Polymer.  From what I have read on line, liquid Acrylic Polymer is toxic.  And that concern me.  Although the way the cat collar is manufactured, the glue ( dry of course ) is never in contact with the cat skin, I am concern what might happened if the cat chew on it even for a short while.

My questions are:

1) is the Acrylic Polymer still toxic after it is dried?
2) If dried Acrylic Polymer come in contact with saliva/water, will it turn to liquid form?
3) what is the ingredient in the Liquid Acrylic Polymer that is toxic?
4) is there other fabric glue that is non-toxic even in liquid state?

I guess I will not be able to ask how toxic is Acrylic Polymer to cat or how much of it if consumed is  fatal, unless a test is done a cat? That is not something I am willing to do.

Would you be able to provide some answers to the above questions?

Please let me know if you could help.

Thank you


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