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Avocado Beauty Products


My name is Charles. I am currently living in Mexico, where i have managed to find a good source of avocados. I am very keen on developing some beauty products using avocado, but i have very little (none) chemistry or beauty product know how. I am very interested in getting a better grasp on the process and the industry in general. I would love any insight you may be able to offer me. Below are a few of my enquiries. Any sort of insight or response would be hugely appreciated.

1) Are avocados a good base to make these products. (creams, oils, face masks, shampoo/conditioner etc.)

2) How complex/reliant on machinery is the process of turning an avocado into a beauty product. 

3) Any insight into the expected yield of an avocado.

4) what other sort of ingredients are commonly found in these sorts of products? Are they fairly easy to source?

5) How would be the best way to manufacture and test these products.

I appreciate the audacity of my email, and i really do appreciate any type of feedback you may have. At the moment all i have is the idea and the access to avocados, but i am very keen on taking this to the next step.

Thanks very much for your time.


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