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Banana peel extract asap

I extracted the banana peel by boiling distilled water then putting the banana peel and boiled water in a container. Then, I let it cool down and I homogenized the mixture and then I filtered the slurry. The result is a yellow liquid. Then I let the liquid sit out at room temperature until the yellow liquid turn into black-ish. So my question is, If I filter the black-ish liquid, will all the chemicals I need be filtered too(I need the antioxidants of the peel). Or will it still have the antioxidants. Cause the blackish liquid turned into opaque when I filtered it. Will all the antoxidants disappear or will the extract just have no color?

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Re: Banana peel extract asap

Dear Adriane,

I would expect the soluble active agents to remain in the solution.  A full description of the extraction and subsequent analysis to determine the yield in any solution can be found in the following article.

Assaying the Antioxidant Activity of Banana Peel

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