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Calcium Hypochlorite mixing with water to make "regular strength" household liquid bleach

During the Covid19 pandemic when household cleaning supplies were hard to come by I switched to two surface cleaners I could make myself:

Mixed Surface Cleaner #1 = Household Laundry Bleach + Water

Mixed Surface Cleaner #2 = Vineager + Water


I purchased some Calcium Hypochlorite "minimum 99% pure, 70% Chlorine" to be able to make my own "Regular Strength" household liquid bleach for both laundry + further dilution with water for cleaning surfaces.

A busy schedule and hectic life kept me from finding time to mix my own liquid bleach until recently.

Now I have spare time, I want to safely mix my own bleach. Before I mix my own bleach, I want to ask a couple basic questions:

Safety = I have everything stored safely and 100% dry. I have all recommended PPE concerns addressed.

Question #1 of 2 = Ratio-to-Water for Mixing to make "Regular Strength" household bleach

I read online in other forums that the Calcium Hypochlorite I bought can be mixed with water to create "regular strength" household bleach using the following ratio:
-- 1 teaspon Calcium Hypoclorite
-- 2 gallons of water


Question #2 of 2 = Verifying my liquid bleach is mixed correctly

I purchased the following Chlorine test strips, I thought I would use them to help "verify" the strength of the mixed liquid bleech is correct.

Are the chlorine strips below the correct strips to "verify" the strength of the mixed liquid bleach?

Premium Pool and Spa Test Strips - 100 ct - 7 Way Accurate Testing Strip for Pool + Hot Tub | Chlorine Bromine Alkalinity pH Hardness & Cyanuric Acid | Water Quality Testing Kit for Water Maintenance

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