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Can chloramine/chlorine gas be neutralized?

I accidentally combined bleach with toilet bowl cleaner. The mixture resulted to a yellow green liquid that smelled really bad. I also inhaled it causing me to gasp for air and cough hard. My problem is I mopped the liquid on the floor. Is there a way i can remove this? I have no where to go because I'm onlynstaying in an apartment. Please help me. Thank you. 

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Re: Can chloramine/chlorine gas be neutralized?

Dear Ika,

You can't really do anything about the generation and release of chlorine once those are mixed.  I do hope that you are OK.  You may want to have a doctor check to make sure that you don't have any serious damage in your throat or lungs.  AIR the apartment out thoroughly, and just wash the floor with water.  Whatever was going to react will be done by now, and it is just mopping up the residues.

ALWAYS read the warning labels carefully before using any cleaning products!  Wear protective clothing (gloves, apron and a mask) when working with corrosive or reactive chemicals.

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