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Coffee Flavored Drinks Preservatives

I have a coffee company and we manufacture flavored coffee drinks.  Our ingredients are brewed coffee, added caffeine (powder), chocolate and caramel syrup for each of those flavors, imitation vanilla extract, and 1% milk that we boil before mixing with coffee and syrup.  We add aspartame as well.  We seal them in plastic 16 OZ. PET bottles. 


I added potassium sorbate as a preservative, and it seems to stabilize the caramel and French vanilla, but the chocolate flavor is not working right.  The milk looks frothy like a cappuccino at the top of the bottle after a few days.  In addition, the chemicals are separating in the bottle in the chocolate flavored drinks. 

I thought of adding pectin to the formula to help, but not sure what to do. 

Please help. 

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