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Corrosion and surface protection of industrial pipes


I am an undergraduate student and i am working on a project in corrosion and surface protection of pipes for industrial use (from food industry to petrochemical industry).

Can you guide what to read , from sites with reliable information to some good textbooks?

Thanks for your time!

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Re: Corrosion and surface protection of industrial pipes

Hi, George.

I would suggest the following books (the first one related to food hygiene and the other about pipe's corrosion):

1) Hygiene in Food Processing

Editor: Woodhead Publishing

Year: 2003

ISBN: 1855734664, 9781855734661

2) Pine Line Corrosion and Cathodic Protection: A Practical Manual for Corrosion Engineers, Technicians and Field Personnel

Editor:Gulf Professional Publishing

Year: 1984

ISBN:  0872011496, 9780872011496

Have a nice day.

Best regards.

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