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How can I well dispose my Adiabatic Super-Fuel System(ASFS)?

The "diabatic" negantropy on the part of rocket fuels with semi-topologized lattices in vertex position to  the component inorganic atoms are, in my design, sheeted away from those energy levels in which time arrow shows itself only in sub-manifolds of differing magnetic intensities...

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Re: How can I well dispose my Adiabatic Super-Fuel System(ASFS)?

Persistent interaction with other functionalities of molecular topography can still take place for those electrons that are diffracted. The localization of sub-cellular proteins is in need of decrypting those areas of a Macromolecule's neighborhoods in which surface residues are themselves significations of features to carry out extremely peculiar functional roles. Sub-cellular morphology of light-interacting particles is the science that can pave the way for going even below the level of Angstrom in highly precision drug delivery. Any expansion of ability to regard the above mentioned sub-cellular sub-manifolds as NOT overlapping, depends on how we define our non-light microscopy. One of the areas where topography of Macromolecules would be best fruitful, is the study of the self-co-localization of homomultimers. Their binding partner concentrations are generally so high as to give us the opportunity to –at least theoretically –divide the whole neighboring zones into as many sub-manifoldic neighborhoods as possible. It is only then that we might well arrive at decoding mereotopological features in favor of a number of induced genetic mutations by which the resultant protein topological changes give us the knowledge as to how pass through barriers of energetics.

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