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How much SO2 goes into 1 gallon of acid rain? Assume pH is 4.3 and 75% of the acidity is from sulphuric acid and 25% from HNO3?

Please help.

I have had no responses yet but several views. If there is a flaw in how I am asking this question or not enough information is provided - please respond and let me know about such issues. Thank you!

Trying to develop an equivalency such that X (known) kg of SO2 is Y (unknown) gallons of acid rain.

The result needs to be a mathematical formula that allows me to say (i.e. 69,786 kg of SO2 (reduction) is the equivalent of X gallons of acid rain).

Acid rain is at a pH 0f 4.3
75% of the acidity is attributed to H2SO4 AND 25% of the acidity is from HNO3
unpolluted rainwater actually has a pH of about 5.6

Asking a different way.

If I have an acid solution of 75% H2SO4 and 25% HNO3. How many grams of this solution does it take to lower the pH from 5.6 to 4.3
The answer to this tells me how many grams of the acid are in the acid rain
Now how much of that is contributed by SO2?

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