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How to prepare buffer?

On a student lab practical manual for extraction of plant pigments, under the reagent line it says: Prepare citrate-phosphate-borate-HLC buffer, pH 2,3,5, and 7. How to prepare this/these buffer(s)?

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Re: How to prepare buffer?

Dear Wai,

Basically, a buffer is a solution of compounds with 'resistance' to changing a particular pH value. It is not clear from your question whether it is necessary to have all of the compounds in the same solution. Practically, you would make a different buffer solution using the indicated reagents to 'buffer' at the desired pH. The following resources provide useful ranges, pKa's (used to calculate the compound concentrations for a particular pH) and short discussion of how to use those values.

Reversed-Phase HPLC Buffers | Sigma-Aldrich

Preparation of pH buffer solutions (pH 7.2)

Guide to Making a Simple Phosphate Buffer (Borate, citric acid/phosphate mixes)

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