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New Contributor

I have a question about Dimethyl Sulfoxide Residue after Evaporation Test Method


I’m performing Residue after Evaporation ACS test method (10th edition, page 25) for Dimethyl Sulfoxide (10th edition, page 297).

ACS monograph doesn’t specify how long does it take to evaporate 100 g of Dimethyl Sulfoxide to dryness at 100° C. We wasn’t able to evaporate much during 8 hour period, and we can’t leave sample on hot plate overnight. We covered the dish with parafilm and left it in desiccator overnight. We are continuing evaporation today. We are using porcelain dish.

Please let me know how long evaporation should take and what we are possibly doing wrong.

Thank you,

Zina Brusovankin,