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Is adherence and spreading directly correlated?

Hello - my questions have to do with cleaning solutions with and without glycerol monolaurate.

1) Are surfactants known to provide better spreading and adherence. 

2) Is Glycerol monolaurate is known to provide good adherence.   

3) Is adherence and spreading directly correlated?  I think not, but I am not sure and I haven't yet found a citation or an article, textbook, or anything to support that adhering and spreading are not correlated. Could someone direct me to a citation?

4) Spreading may result from a reduction in the surface tension of a composition, but at the same time, that composition may be more likely to run off and not adhere to the surface than a composition with higher surface tension.  (Is this true?)  If yes, could you possibly lead me to a literature citation to support this?

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