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LCD-safe anti-coronavirus cleaning solution DIY


I would like to make an LCD-safe (iPhone) and anti-coronavirus solution I can use to wipe my electronics?

I would like to use ultra-fine acrylic microfiber wipes to soak the solution in. (I already have access to the cloths, but I want to infuse it with cleaning/anti-virus properties)

Can I make this from home, and what is the minimum equipment/chemicals/supplies I would need? 

ANy help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: LCD-safe anti-coronavirus cleaning solution DIY

Most LCD screens are made of glass, with the liquid crystal and thin film transistor circuitry in layers beneath the glass surface.  So ethyl or isopropyl alcohol with no gelling agents should work just fine.  Both of these are readily available, with perhaps the isopropyl of the two being the more available in your local drug store without hassle.  Just dip your cleaning cloths into 60%-70% alcohol and wipe down your device. 

You don't have to overdo it, just wipe to clean and to wet the surface without soaking.  Let the solvent wet surface naturally air dry for a minute or so.  This will give the alcohols time to do their work.  Both of these alcohols are unlikely to soften or distort any cross-linked plastic parts, unlike stronger solvents such as ethyl acetate, acetone, MEK, etc, which would not be as effective in disrupting and denaturing viruses in any case.

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