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Oil extraction from coffee grounds waste brewed already


First i would like to appologize about my english, it is very poor, but my french is perfect if you wanna be contacted in french.

I'm 26 year old, tunsian male having a bac + 5 in mecanichal machinery, i'm studying a project which is to extract oil chimechly from coffe  grounds (coffe after be used to have coffe drunk), and i'm trying to find some help and informations

An american sientist told me that the oil i would extract should be the same than oil extracted from coffee seeds.

What do you think about that ? have you an idea about that ? can you put me in contact with people who would be skilled in that if you have any idea about this subject.

I'm a serious person and i think that i can extract 200 litres per day of oil from this grounds, i'm just trying to estimate the value of this oil to see if it will cover my charges.

And i will be happy to treat with you in any way

Thank you very much

Best regards

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