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So Many Hypochlorous Acid Questions

I purchased the EcoLox One from EcoLox Tech based on a suggestion from a customer that works in a dental office. I thought to myself, "Great HOCl seems like a cheap, non-toxic, parrot & parakeet safe alternative to the 70-91% isopropyl alcohol and hand sanitizer I've been using." Now I think I've made a mistake.

I mixed a 200ppm solution based on their directions and have kept it in the refrigerator the past 2 days in amber glass bottles to prolong shelf life. Today was the first day I tried using it to disinfect some grocery packaging, phone, keys and wallet but I noticed a relatively strong smell of bleach. I read in another thread that at below a pH of 5 it can become problematic and turn into chlorine. When I tested the pH it was either 4 or 5 (honestly hard to tell) and the chlorine was still at 200ppm...or more? The paper strips don't read above 200ppm.

I also would like to know about interactions with other chemicals and liquids.

Since the pandemic I regularly spray isopropyl alcohol on everything hands touch and let it evaporate. I also use vinegar for cleaning kitchen appliances. Is there possibility for an interaction if I were to spray hypochlorous acid on the same spot after it's fully dried either hours or weeks apart and vice versa? What if I spray hypochlorous acid shortly after spraying ispropyl or vinegar elsewhere in the house? If I spray a box that's intended to go in the microwave, will that create chlorine gas even though the hypochlorous acid is fully dried?

Today I used Purell Hand Sanitizer multiple times while out running errands and then used the hypochlorous acid, without gloves, to spray down the aforementioned grocery items. Realizing this error I immediately rinsed and washed my hands with soap and water. Does this pose any health risks? I called Poison Control to see what they recommended and was a little shocked that the operator couldn't even find hypochlorous acid in their database. In the end, after a little googling he said I shouldn't be concerned but I'm not entirely confident in his answer.

As an obvious layperson, am I playing with fire despite all the safety claims not only by the manufacturer but also the FDA, EPA, NCBI, etc.?

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