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Two peaks when synthesizing an isoxazole

I reacted DBFO( Dibromoformaldoxime) with 2,3-dichloro-1-propene, in ethyl acetate and little bit of water with potassium bicarbonate, all the way through the process as I check reaction mixture on HPLC, I see two closely eluting peaks, as I carry on to my final desired product, I see my desired product based off internal standard and closely behind less than a second in retention theres the peak, and I cant run a NP column since my compound is highly polar. Best to mention the HPLC column is RP.

I need help understanding why the two peaks are what they are, how to prevent it mayybe or even a seperation protocol so that I can send it for NMR since the last NMR was way to messy and contaminated.

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