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Video Contest: What is "Nano"?

ACS Nanotation is a community-driven multimedia website from the American Chemical Society Publications Division.  Our goal is to be the premiere destination for nanoscience and nanotechnology news, highlights, and community.  The site is targeted to nanoscience researchers, students, and enthusiasts in the field.  To that end we are pleased to announce the following video contest:

     Video Contest: What is "Nano"?

          The concept of "nano" has captured the interest and excitement of researchers and science enthusiasts alike, but the question remains---what is "nano"?  Send us your ideas in the form of an original creative video and you could win $500 USD!  Submit a video or vote for your favorite by visiting

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Re: Video Contest: What is "Nano"?

Our "Nano Song" entry has surpassed 10,000 views:

The contest remains open until 15-March-2009, so submit your video today!

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Re: Video Contest: What is "Nano"?

The American Chemical Society is pleased to announce the winners of the
"What is Nano?" Video Contest. The contest, held by ACS Nanotation,
sought creative videos that convey the scientific and cultural
significance of nanoscience to a broad audience.

"The Nano Song" won both the People's Choice and Critics' Choice award and
was a collaborative effort by a group of researchers from University of
California, Berkeley
including Patrick Bennett, David Carlton, Molly Felz,
Nola Klemfuss, Glory Liu, Ryan Miyakawa, Stacey Wallace, and Angelica Zen.
The People's Choice award was based on a combination of highest ratings
with the greatest number of online votes, whereas the Critics' Choice
award was chosen by a panel of expert judges which included Prof. Paul
(University of California, Berkeley), Prof. Angela Belcher
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Mr. Aaron Rowe (Wired Magazine),
and Prof. Paul Weiss (The Pennsylvania State University). The video was
selected based on creativity, scientific clarity of explanation,
originality, and quality.

Of the video, Bennett said the group "wanted to make something that could
be appreciated by everyone regardless of their background," and this is
reflected in 16,000 views and 200 comments on ACS Nanotation alone.

"Nanotechnology Brings us Delicious New Solar Cells," created at the
University of Notre Dame by Blake Farrow, was the People's Choice
runner-up. "Introduction to Nanotechnology," created by Dan Graham of
Asemblon Inc., was the Critics' Choice runner-up.

A total of 30 contest submissions were viewed 40,000 times and garnered
300 comments on ACS Nanotation. ACS Nanotation is the community website
for nanoscience and nanotechnology sponsored by ACS Publications, and
features collaborative features for nanoscience researchers and
enthusiasts alike.

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